3557 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92501

Early in 2019, I started thinking about the impending 20 year anniversary of Romanos in April. As it approached I started reflecting on the past 20 years. Then I really started getting nostalgic and so many memories and relationships flashed through my mind. It dawned on me that it didn’t start just 20 years ago! It started 35 years ago in June of 1984! My parents moved us from Chicago to Riverside. As I look back it has been a 35 year love affair with this city that has literally given me everything! I realized that I would not have 20 years of Romanos without 35 years of Riverside! I’ve always kinda been known as a Chicago boy in Riverside! I can tell you that my heart is all Riverside now!  So I guess that makes me a Riverside boy that hails from Chicago!

Romanos is a celebration of my Chicago upbringing and heritage. So, it brings us to today and me being inspired to celebrate the city I Love and call home and raise my children in and celebrate all the memories and friendships this city has given me!  As hard as it for me to take my name off my building, it fills my heart to replace it with a symbol of the city that has truly blessed my life. 

June 26 marks the start of a new journey for myself and family and my staff (family) as the doors to RAINCROSS PUB + KITCHEN open in the former ROMANOS DOWNTOWN location!  Riverside has always been welcoming, warm and  comfortable to me and my family! So that is what inspired the menu!

Thank you to this community and everyone in it that has supported my endeavors. I was 20 years ago, always have been and always will be, humbled by your support and am truly blessed to be a part of such a beautiful community!

Here’s to you!

Gary Romano!

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